• Outdoor Messaging

    Click’s innovative design turned this billboard into a direct-response tool and not just an awareness medium.

  • Product Packaging

    Tap Click’s experienced and award-winning design team to create product packaging that stands out in the marketplace and sells your product.

  • Logo Development

    Industry acclaimed and international award-winning logo design.

    Plus corresponding taglines to match your logo’s originality and define your brand.

Brand Development: DNA, Logos, Plan Maps

Click Marketing Solutions specializes in developing, reinventing and repairing brands. At the heart of each brand is its DNA. Click has been instrumental in defining many brand's DNA and has

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Design: Graphics to Campaigns

Click knows how to design content and campaigns that positions its clients as market leaders. Great design always solves a communication problem with the sophistication of simplicity. Our design skill

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Branded Content: Copy to Video

Branded content is essential to increasing brands' customer engagement in a fragmented landscape of options. Branded content positions brands as thought-leaders and trusted resources beyond the traditional selling process of

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    thumbFaisal N.
    “Yvette is a brilliant marketer. She has an amazing ability to understand her clients’ business needs and objectives and then bring in her own ideas and creativity to develop solutions that deliver results. She continuously studies trends, technology and other key factors shaping the field of marketing and shares her insights and knowledge with her clients to help them make better and more informed decisions.
    I have worked closely with Yvette on multiple occasions in the areas of branding, advertising, PR, direct mail, sales promotions and event marketing. Her creativity, diverse knowledge base and consistency leading to timely implementations, never stop to amaze me. I am confident that Yvette can be a valuable partner to any organization interested in taking its marketing to a new level.”

    thumbSuzanne W.
    “A consummate professional, Yvette’s entrepreneurial drive and creative focus is awe-inspiring to say the least. Having observed Yvette in her element, one can almost forget how much effort goes into the projects she endeavours because she is so adept in her areas of expertise. Yvette’s thorough knowledge in strategic marketing and business should be a welcome asset for anyone or any business tending toward success.”

    thumbSean P.
    “I appreciate Click’s ability to stay ahead of the competition and develop creative ways to represent Gold’s Gym.  By demonstrating to us, how loyal and protective they are over representation of our brand and bottom line, they have earned our trust and support.  Recently we have expanded our relationship with Click Marketing Solutions to cover our California and Las Vegas markets as well.  We trust that Click Marketing Solutions will employ the same kind of enthusiasm and creativity they do with our Phoenix Gyms with our CA and Vegas gyms.  I would recommend their services to any business that is serious about learning and growing.”